Welcome to Over the Rainbow Invites, I thought that a good place to start was to tell you a little bit about us and how we started.

So let’s go back to the beginning…

I have always been passionate about all things paper, as a little girl I would always be making home made cards for my parents & grandparents.  I always had a fascination with pretty papers and cards.

As a little girl I would collect vintage cards, cut and paste them onto paper to recreate my own handmade cards.  I would also collect letter writing sets, and write secret letters to my cousins and friends and of course bling them up with glitter or anything sparkly.

I loved going into stores that sold papers, I would search the shelves to find anything new or inspirational to use on my next project.

But all little girls grow up…..

As an adult dreams change, I had recently married and purchased a home with my husband.  Our main priority was to earn money, save and of course pay off a mortgage.  I was working as a business development co-ordinator and events management in a high end corporate environment.  Whilst I loved my job, organising events, travelling and sourcing new venues for conferences, my childhood dreams always remain.  I would still make little gift cards and sell them at a friends gift store.

After a couple of years we had our own little family.  We were blessed with a girl and four years later a boy.  That’s when everything changed……

In 2007 my life came to a holt, whilst on Maternity Leave I received a phone call – I was made redundant!!!!  What was I going to do now – I had worked at the same firm for 14 years, I didn’t even know what it was like to look for a job, let alone go for an interview.

My cousin was getting married and since I now had plenty of time on my hands, I offered to go shopping with her for wedding invitations.  We had walked into a stationary store, and oh my god, my child hood dreams started flooding back.  Without her knowing I purchased some paper and made an invitation for her.  She loved my design.  Another one of her friends was getting married, so again I was asked to make her invitation too.  Both girls had encouraged me to start a business, but I thought, oh no my work isn’t that good.  After more practice and more designs I began to have a portfolio.

Later that week, I placed my newborn into the pram and walked to the local printing shop.  I had ordered some business cards and went home.  I told my husband that I’m starting my own business… and just like that with a click of my red sparkly heels “Over the Rainbow Invites” was born.  Well it wasn’t exactly like that ……

I created a website, started showcasing my work at Wedding Expos and advertising in Bridal Magazines.  Before I knew it my little hobby started getting busy.

I knew I couldn’t keep working out of my home studio, so in 2010, I responded to an add for a shared store – this was perfect, right in the heart of the bridal precedent in Sydney Road, Brunswick.    I work alongside a lovely lady, we laugh, share ideas and of course all we think about is all things weddings.

4 years later we are still running 2 strong wedding businesses (Leanne Bonello (Cailin Alainn), creates exquisite custom made bridal headwear & accessories and myself handcrafted wedding invitations, wedding stationary and bombonieres and of course free advice.  Together, we have the magic of creating your perfect wedding.

All designs are unique to Over the Rainbow Invites, custom made especially for you and can be tailored to suit your theme for your special event.

However, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the constant support of my family, friends and of course my “rock” my husband, who constantly continues to encourage and support me in a job that I love.

Although we are busier than we have ever been, our invitations are designed in fine detail and printed on a vast range of high quality card stock. We are now a major stocker of all the leading paper supplier brands from around the globe, with over 1000 different paper swatches, stunning embossed and silky velvet flock paper, laser cut designs, high grade buckles, clusters, brooches and ribbons.  All of our invitations are made of the highest quality, and are as unique as they are stylish.

There are many topics that I am excited to cover, ranging from wedding invitation wording etiquette through to the latest trends in the Wedding industry.




Over the Rainbow Invites


…… the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ……